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Tradesoft develops flexible and scalable technology solutions built on a service-centric architecture and tailored to the needs of the finance sector, driving the financial institutions’ transformation through a multi-layered suite of brokerage, fund, and portfolio software.

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Addressing Key Challenges in Finance

The Race Against Milliseconds

Tradesoft easily executes the most complex transactions in the finance sector, racing against milliseconds with its robust infrastructure based on In-Memory architecture. By processing over 5,000 orders per second according to compliance rules, it achieves the impossible.

An Increasing Number of New Investment Instruments and Platforms

Tradesoft, a leading developer of advanced tools for measuring and analyzing fund performance, brings together an increasing number of investment instruments and platforms on a single interface. It enables users to place orders with multiple brokerage firms through a single interface.

Customers Whose Expectations Increase Every Passing Day

Tradesoft provides all investment instruments to your customers on a single platform. With its developed mobile and super applications, it allows you to design more innovative and comprehensive services for customers whose expectations increase every passing day.

Difficulty in Finding Qualified Human Resources

Tradesoft analyzes all your business processes with its vertical expertise. By developing RPA applications, it automates more than 1,500 operational processes, allowing your team to focus on more strategic matters.
Tv Show

GOL: Turkey’s first Financial SuperApp

İlyas Daşkaya, CTO, Tradesoft, and Veli Gürkan Kızılgüneş, Deputy General Manager for IT, Global Securities, recently appeared as guests on the “Direction of Money” show hosted by Uğur Korkmaz on the A Para channel. Our next-generation SuperApp, GOL (Global On-Line), was introduced during the show.

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