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TAB Food Upgraded Restaurant’s Technological Infrastructure with ATP on the Building’s Top Floor.

TAB Gıda Refreshes WAN Infrastructure of Over a Thousand Restaurants with Next-Generation Cybersecurity and Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) System. The network management of over a thousand restaurants was centralized, providing secure remote access to each location. With a simultaneous and real-time update process conducted by ATP while the restaurants were operational, TAB Gıda achieved a more secure WAN infrastructure and robust cybersecurity protection. The system, operating with backup ADSL and 4.5G lines, ensures uninterrupted 24/7 access to the restaurants.

ATP, a provider of corporate software and infrastructure solutions for vital systems of companies, collaborated with TAB Gıda to simultaneously and rapidly transform the WAN infrastructure of over a thousand restaurants serving brands such as Burger King, Popeyes, Usta Dönerci, Arby’s, Sbarro, and Usta Pideci in Turkey. The solution, developed on Forcepoint SD-WAN technologies, centralized IT management and unified franchise restaurants on a single network. Advanced Malware Detection (AMD) service was implemented for protection against unforeseen cyber threats, and a URL filtering feature was added to block connections to malicious websites.

Continuation with Forcepoint Technologies

Conducting a comprehensive supplier search in the creation of the solution, ATP chose to work with Forcepoint. Forcepoint allows the centralized management of offices or stores connected remotely using secure SD-WAN technologies from a single console. It offers enhanced security, usability, and visibility with the next-generation firewall. Additionally, Forcepoint provides superior protection against AMD cyber threats and a dedicated protection shield for continuously used programs. The success of the solutions is evaluated based on customer gains, aiming for a rapid return on investment.

Ümit Cinali, the General Manager of ATP, stated, “The inability of our customer’s restaurants or stores to connect to operational systems reliably can lead to revenue and reputation losses. We offered a comprehensive, flexible, and easy-to-manage solution to meet TAB Gıda’s needs. We added this successful solution to our portfolio as a new example of ATP’s technology integration competence and our capacity to effectively support solutions in the field. We offer this successful solution to organizations managing multi-branch operations.”

Caner Dikici, the General Manager of TAB Gıda, added, “Service interruptions and security vulnerabilities in the Quick Service Restaurant sector can have serious financial consequences. Out-of-service credit card devices, disrupted delivery services due to inaccessibility can directly affect restaurant revenues. Potential issues can negatively impact our brands by shaking the loyalty and trust of our customers. With the work we did with ATP, while changing our end-of-life WAN infrastructure, we gained a powerful defense system against cyber attacks. We consolidated all our restaurants under a single network, providing cost advantages by consolidating telecom connections. As a result of our investment, we shortened order and delivery times and increased customer satisfaction. We were able to make all these changes while our restaurants were in service.”

Successful Transformation Project

The networks of over a thousand TAB and franchise restaurants were connected to each other through a system that manages all network protocols and is located centrally in a single network center. The solution was implemented in a short period with Zero Touch Deployment. The ability to apply new rules in a very short time to all branches with a single rule set was added. Logging access increased visibility into network/application traffic and problem detection capabilities. Customization of the restaurant network was made possible with automatic load balancing and load sharing, eliminating the possibility of unwanted traffic reducing connection speeds. Blocking unwanted applications, allowing accepted business applications, services, and access were ensured. Additionally, more flexible and reliable network access to payment systems was achieved. TAB Gıda not only reduced shadow losses but also obtained a stronger security system against cyber vulnerabilities in restaurants. Forcepoint AMD protected restaurants from damaging ransomware attacks by blocking identified dangerous websites with URL filtering, providing network-wide protection.

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